Travel Marketing Statistics

Online travel marketing is greatly influenced by various online and web marketing trends around the world. Discover what most travel marketers are currently using and why local SEO is still so popular amongst travel marketers. Get to know what search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are being used, and how blogging can be a tool for travel marketing success. Stay updated on the latest trends in online travel marketing.

The global travel industry has changed drastically over the years. The travel industry has experience sd a number of micro-moments in recent years. These micro-moments include; the rise of mobile devices, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Pinterest and Instagram, and last but not least the internet. The internet has changed the way people research, travel deals, find deals on flights, book hotels, track package prices, get ratings and reviews from other travellers, and connect with local professionals and exchange information.

Social Media for Travel Marketing

As we have previously mentioned, the internet has changed the way that many travelers research and plan their trips. The rise of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have allowed travelers to connect with others on a much more personal level. The discovery of the popularity of social media websites like these, has led to a vast increase in online travel marketing trends that include; the integration of social media into traditional offline marketing strategies, the use of mobile technology to improve the user experience, and the creation of new demand centers within online travel marketing trends. In a few words, the internet has led to the integration of previously separate areas of expertise, creating a new market place for travel providers.

In the recent past, social media has emerged as one of the most important marketing trends for the travel industry. This is due to the fact that travelers are spending more time online, than ever before. Many marketers are realizing the importance of connecting with people who are actively using online travel services. Social media allows marketers to share travel content with prospects and friends across various social networks. In fact, many of the major online travel marketplaces, such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Hotwire have already launched mobile apps that can provide valuable information to travelers.

Travel SEO Services

The discovery of the popularity of social media websites like these, has also opened up opportunities for travel SEO companies to use this powerful platform to improve their rankings in search engine results. Today, travel marketers can create compelling content that can be shared on social media sites and portals and then use mobile connections to make this content reachable to their target audience. When these mobile devices are used in addition to traditional desktop computers, the potential for travel SEO solutions becomes much more appealing.

Another aspect of the travel market that is changing drastically is the way that travelers use mobile devices. Smartphone usage by travelers has reached an all-time high, and travelers use these devices in much more ways than they do before. Travel marketers must consider how to create content that will appeal to smartphone users. For example, travelers use their smartphones to check the temperature in their destination, confirm seating arrangements, plan travel routes, and perform other tasks that are similar to tasks performed on a computer. In order to tap into this smartphone market, companies must find ways to create content specific to smartphone users. The easiest way to do this is through integration into existing travel apps.

It’s clear that travelers want to connect with their peers more and social media is one of the best places to do this. With millions of travelers connecting through social media sites each day, smart travel brands are going to find it increasingly difficult to remain ignored. While it may not seem like a big trend at this point, research shows that the number of people who are actively using a travel brand’s social media pages will continue to rise.

To compete in this space, online travel brands need to think about how to create content that is specific to the ways that smartphone users use their devices. If a company is able to figure out this step, then it will be easier for it to engage with its audience. While it may not seem like a huge trend today, the fact of the matter is that smartphone users will continue to grow in size and become an essential part of travel trends for years to come. By staying abreast of these emerging trends, smart travel brands will be better positioned to provide customers what they are looking for when they travel.