Do you operate a business in the travel industry? Then you’ll know that when it comes to reaching customers, the process starts long before they set foot in your doorstep.

Increasingly, all customer interactions are becoming digital in nature, creating a demand for businesses that use fully-integrated, multi-channel marketing strategies that deliver real results and integrate social media marketing, mobile friendly content, online reputation management, and customised deals, all towards creating a unique value proposition target audience will pay attention to.

Why does your business need travel marketing?

Did you know that the global online travel sector is expected to grow at a rate of 3.8% over the next 10 years, and is expected to be four times the size of the United Kingdom’s current economy?

Customers are heading online and to mobile devices for booking dates, researching destinations, and exploring reviews. If your business is not actively managing its online presence and integrating it into your overall marketing strategy, then you’re running the risk of being left behind.

If you’re working in any field related to travel and tourism, then you need to work with a full-service travel digital marketing agency that specializes in using its marketing expertise, experience, and passion for travel and adventures to help brands and businesses of all sizes achieve results from their online presence.

In the past, people would choose travel destinations based on past experiences or word of mouth, as well as through colorful magazine or newspaper adverts. This would be followed by a visit to a travel agent to view brochures before a destination was chosen. At this point, travel was still relatively expensive and not something easily accessible to the average person, and only a handful of large travel, tourism, and leisure companies dominated the industry.

Today, travel is more affordable and is easily accessible for people of all ages. Modern travelers rely on online reviews, aspirational influencers, and social media imagery to narrow down their choices and expect value-added multimedia content that engages and excites them long before they finalize their decision. With competition being higher than ever, modern travelers expect much more from their travel organizer of choice, and won’t hesitate to switch to another business that offers a better deal, time-saving tools, or added convenience.

A one size fits all marketing approach won’t cut it if you want to stay ahead in the industry. You’ll need a bespoke marketing strategy that’s dependent on your business objectives, and which is perfectly aligned with your business goals and target audience. This is exactly what Deep Blue Digital provides.

The Deep Blue Digital Approach

Are you a travel or tourism business owner? An entrepreneur? Maybe a manager who has been tasked with managing your marketing strategy and tactics?

Do you find yourself struggling to attract enough customers? Or too reliant on bookings from 3rd parties such as travel agents and travel booking sites?

Here at Deep Blue Digital, we have put together an all-in-one, custom solution to help you; attract new leads and automate nurturing those leads into customers.

Our complete online marketing solution is also designed to wow your customers after booking, making them feel valued at every stage of their buying journey with you.

Happy customers mean great online reviews, repeat business, and referrals, meaning more sales for you.

  • Save time by having your entire marketing lifecycle managed in one solution
  • Save money by getting the software and marketing expertise in one affordable, all-in-one package and by benefiting from Marketing Automation
  • Attract new customers through your choice of lead generation techniques; SEO, Google Adwords, and/or Facebook Advertising
  • Nurture and engage leads into sales and bookings with Marketing Automation and Email Marketing
  • Wow your customers with 1st class customer service and onboarding
  • Generate reviews and referrals from customers automatically.