Travel Industry Awards: Why Entering is Good for the Business

Reputable business awards generate good publicity, and the travel industry acknowledges excellence in various categories. Recognition is given to those who excel at providing memorable travel experiences for their clients, regardless of the business size.

If you feel that your time is at capacity looking after your clients, stretch a little more to enter awards, because the range of advantages could be well worth it, whether you win or not. Put yourself forward, because even the process towards being shortlisted is a good one for online PR.

Whether you’re new to the industry or firmly established, let’s explore some of the reasons why to enter awards:
The award process can run across several weeks or months and generates significant interest along the way. If you share your involvement, it can provide a steady source of the traffic to your website and social media pages. Use hashtags associated with the awards and connect with other businesses involved.
The application process itself provides a good opportunity to evaluate your business model. It can help you to look at your business from a fresh perspective, and understand what you need to do to stand out from the competition through innovation, diversity, customer service, or strategic thinking. It’s a chance to refine your business model in the future.
There are networking opportunities in the awards process, too. Discuss your business with leaders in the industry, or forge new relationships with similar businesses. Find new supply channels and break into new markets.
It also allows you to benchmark Do your research and select an appropriate niche in which you can stand out. If you want to showcase your credentials, your contribution to education, training, or society, this is a good time to receive an acknowledgment.
Being shortlisted can open new doors. Comments from judges can be used in press releases and the award logo can be added to your website and marketing material.

Win or not, entering awards is good for business. Of course, winning in any one of the travel categories also boosts staff morale and attracts new talent to your business, not to mention new customers.

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