Social media management is the management of your social media profiles with the aim to create and maintain your brand presence on social media channels by distributing high quality, relevant content, growing followers and engaging with them.

Why is social media important in the travel industry?

Social media is one of the most successful ways to market travel services, with more than 50% of direct bookings coming from social media accounts. In addition, 52% of travelers are so influenced by social media that they change their original travel plans!

Facebook is shown to be one of the most successful social platforms with 71% of travel brands on Facebook finding that they have better engagement and conversation with their customers.

Why should you outsource your social media management?

Managing social media profiles is very time consuming and expensive for you to do yourself. It can also easily distract you away from other important business activities. In addition, there are so many different social media platforms that it is a challenge for most businesses to keep on top of managing them and maintain up-to-date knowledge and expertise in these social networks.

Outsourcing your social media provides a cost-effective, high-quality solution to managing your social media presence and ensures that your activity is always in line with the best growth, engagement, lead generation, and traffic strategies for each social platform.

What’s included in our social media management services?

We offer a consultative approach to our social media management services. Our services start from $997 /mo and are offered on a monthly basis with a minimum contract of 6 months. You can expect your social media services to include:

  • Initial social media audit and research
  • Profile setup if required
  • Profile review and recommendations
  • Social media management for 1-3 networks including; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or Twitter
  • Weekly social posting (number of posts depends on service level)
  • Distribution of your own content (the volume depends on service level)
  • Content creation as required including graphic design, captions and blog posts (volume depends on service level)
  • Advertising budget to assist with growth and engagement (amount depends on service level)
  • Hashtag research and use where applicable
  • Follower growth
  • Monthly reporting.

Which social networks should I be focusing on?

There are a wide range of social media platforms to choose from and it can be overwhelming choosing which ones are relevant to your target market. Generally for the travel industry Facebook and Instagram are going to be the best platforms to focus on. Pinterest also shows great conversion rates for many businesses. However if you have a business audience it is worth considering LinkedIn. In your initial social media audit we will help you identify which social networks are best suited to your business.

How do I know social media management is working?

Success in social media is determined by quality engagement and reach and audience growth. Your content is created and distributed on your social profiles professionally and consistently and as a result, your brand presence on social media is enhanced.

Social media marketing works best when used as part of your marketing strategy and plan. You should consider using other complementary marketing tactics alongside social media such as email marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, conversion optimization, and content marketing.