How To Market Your Personal Training Business

How are you currently marketing your personal training business? While awareness generated from word of mouth might have been sufficient in the past, the competitiveness of today’s market means you need to look to other tools as well. When promoting a service that’s a personal skill, it’s all about how you market yourself – as you are your business. If you offer a personal trainer service, here’s how to do just that.

Create social proof

Content is king on the internet, and creating and sharing content surrounding your service has never been easier using visual social media platforms. Social proof in the form of image-based testimonials, ratings, reviews, and endorsements from your clients are all proven to persuade and influence people. Growing your social media audience via ad use is also a good way to build your social proof factor. Just be sure to first narrow down your target audience so that you can create tailored Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook ads that will appeal to them.

List yourself locally

What do people do when they’re looking for a service that they need but know little about? They turn to search engines to look for a provider of a service in their area before choosing one that appears on their search engine. Investing in local promotions and marketing of your business using the principles of SEO to ensure a relevant ranking, will allow the right customers to find you when they’re looking, for example, a local personal trainer offering a discount or special on their services.

Maintain your connection through email marketing

A problem many personal trainers face is what to do with clients who’ve reached their fitness goals, seeing as, without a goal to work towards, they can backslide on workouts, or drop out entirely. Thankfully, it’s easier to retain a customer than attract a new one. An effective way to reinvigorate stagnant clients is to use email automation software like Infusionsoft to communicate with those who haven’t been active in a while – offering them a discounted or free session if they begin training again or asking them how you can help them maintain their new goals.

Existing clients who still regularly attend training sessions can be engaged through the creation of a referral marketing program or partnership, where they receive discounts or free sessions for signing up new clients.

These are just a few of the many tools available to market your personal training service effectively. Which ones do you see yourself implementing?

If you’re unsure how to approach the above pointers, contact us for expert digital marketing advice!

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