Many businesses pour time and energy into marketing strategies, tactics, and campaigns, but end up with nothing to show for it. Lead generation in the travel and tourism industry is a core part of marketing outcomes and a failure to nurture leads into more is indicative that something is amiss.

If this problem sounds familiar to you, and you’re generating leads but struggling to keep them, you need a lead nurturing service to get back on track.

Lead nurturing is a form of marketing where communications are sent to segmented lists of your leads based on personas, demographics, product/service interests, or even time-based criteria. It’s usually rolled out as campaign communications sent out automatically at intervals that add up to your average sales cycle for a selected product or service. Each email presents a new opportunity or offers to download or view a useful piece of content that can nudge the prospect down the sales funnel so that they’re one step further to becoming a customer.

Why should you allow Deep Blue Digital to nurture your leads?

By allowing us to step in and take charge of retaining your hard-won leads, your business will experience the following benefits:

  • Less leads lost due to lack of follow-up
  • Fewer sales cycle churn
  • More lifetime lead value
  • More leads automatically moved down the sales funnel
  • More qualified leads due to content interaction
  • More leads segmented into buy-cycle stages for nurturing
  • More qualified sales lead delivered to Sales via CRM integration.

The Deep Blue Digital lead nurturing approach

With our assistance, you can enjoy an improved return on investment for your current efforts without spending more, and it’s as easy as making sure leads are initially captured through their interactions with website pages, and blogs are recorded and tracked in a database, including form conversions, email opens, and clicks. This is normally accomplished through your existing mail marketing automation and customer relationship management tool, or we can sign you for our preferred partner, Infusionsoft.

We recommend InfusionSoft, as it combines the best of CRM, email management, automated marketing, sales, e-commerce, and relationship management in one, and has superior web building, management, and segmentation tools. It stores client and prospect details securely in the cloud and has a tagging system and lead scoring system so that you can identify favorable leads. With InfusionSoft you can integrate your online sales, get paid, and track abandoned shopping carts.

Using the above tool, we offer:

  • Content creation, design, and optimization for campaigns
  • Integration of demand generation campaigns with campaigns
  • Creation of emails, landing pages, and confirmation pages
  • Creation of personalized content, calls-to-action, and smart forms
  • Calls-to-action placements on web pages, blogs, and social media
  • A/B testing of lead nurturing/content personalization
  • Management, KPI analytics, and reporting for campaigns

Interested? Contact Deep Blue Digital today to find out what our lead nurturing services can do for your business, and how you can implement them in your business to start seeing the sales successes you want.