3 Ways To Increase Your Google Adwords Quality Score

Want your Google AdWords campaigns to create even better results? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy better ad placements with better click-through rates, all the while enjoying a lower minimum bid for keywords?

It all comes down to your quality score and improving this can take you from good results to great results. To achieve this, you need to show Google that you’re delivering the best possible experience for a person performing the search and clicking your ad. Here’s how to do that.

What Determines My Quality Score?

Google determines your quality score by looking at your click-through rate, keyword relevance and landing page quality. This might seem simple but as anyone who has ever managed a campaign will tell you, it can get complex fast. Here are a few simple tips that could be useful.

Split It Up

Take your current campaign and split it up into several targeted groups, tweaking it for relevancy and using more targeted keyword variations for each one. You will need a keen understanding of your target audience for this, and it’s worth putting time into breaking down your general audience into more specific markets.

Tweak Your Copy

You create ads with keywords, but do they feature in your headlines and your main copy? In addition, you can also consider using negative keywords. It helps to give your copy a read through before signing off to ensure any automatically inserted keywords flow and read naturally.

Split Up Your Landing Pages

You’ve already split up your target groups. Now split up your landing pages so that you can tweak the content on each for relevancy. Ensure that this page is optimised for the correct keywords, bearing in mind that these words might differ from the ones used in your ads. Also, ensure that each landing page loads instantly and has been optimised for site speed – splitting up pages with less content on each can help here.

It helps to keep in mind that you will need to pay attention to your bid management, even if your quality score is high. Increased competition is a reality and you need to be able to account for changes as they occur and increase your bids.

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