Facebook Advertising is Facebook’s paid advertising platform.

It is important to understand that Facebook Ads are not the same as Google Adwords and you cannot use the same strategy.

Users searching on Google are often in a buying frame of mind; they are searching to buy something therefore it is ok to jump straight to a sales ad and view the purpose of the ads as immediate sales.

However, users on Facebook are not looking to be sold to and so marketing is interrupting them. Therefore a different strategy has to be taken to engage them and stop them scrolling past your ad and give you their details in exchange for something desirable.

Why are Facebook Adverts working in the travel industry?

Facebook has more than 1.5 DAILY active users! It is the biggest social media platform by far and regardless of who your customer is you can be sure they are on Facebook.

Facebook can be a valuable tool for any business but in the travel and tourism industry customers are heavily influenced by their friends and so Facebook affects consumers at every stage of their decision-making.

With changes to Facebook’s algorithm gaining traction with organic (free) posts is becoming more difficult but businesses are finding that ads on Facebook receive 2.85 times more click-throughs than organic posts.

Often leads are generated at a cheaper cost than Google Adwords which is one reason why they are so popular. The level of targeting available is also incredibly powerful, your ideal audience can be targeted very specifically by demographics, interests, and behaviors ensuring you are reaching your ideal target audience.

What’s included in our Facebook Advertising services?

Our Facebook Ads service is based on a structured lead generation process which begins with the Facebook advert and ends in generating leads for your business using a lead magnet and landing page.

You can expect your Facebook Ads service to include:

  • Initial briefing to discuss the campaign and understand the exact customer group to be targeted
  • Creation of a lead magnet if required
  • Creation of a landing page if required
  • Creation of Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking and application to your website where possible
  • Creation of campaign and ad sets
  • Creation of ads
  • Set up of Email database (if you don’t have one already set up)
  • Ongoing reviews and adjustments to the campaign
  • Weekly reports for the 1st month and monthly reports following that.

*Your Facebook ads budget is not included, we recommend a minimum ads budget of $500 per month.

How do I know Facebook Ads are working?

Success is measured by conversions from Facebook, i.e. you are gaining a list of targeted leads from the Facebook campaign which you can then nurture into sales.

We are also able to run Facebook campaigns to fulfil other objectives such as increased engagement, brand awareness, traffic and followers.

How long does it take to see results from Facebook Ads?

Facebook Advertising is a very effective lead generation tactic. You will begin to see results straight away provided the targeting and collateral used in the campaign is effective – your campaign will be reviewed, adjusted, and optimized daily to ensure maximum performance.

Facebook Ads work best when used as part of your marketing strategy and plan. You should consider using other complementary marketing tactics alongside Facebook Ads such as email marketing, social media, SEO, conversion optimization, and content marketing.