Destination marketing is the promotion of a local place. A destination, town, city, region, or country in order to increase the number of visitors. In other words to promote tourism to a particular destination.

Do you need to promote a specific destination as a desirable place to visit or live? Whether you’re a tourist board or business bureau trying to promote a particular town, city, or country, Deep Blue Digital can help through the provision of a bespoke destination marketing service.

At Deep Blue Digital, we understand that destination marketing should take into account the most common frustrations that businesses face, such as deciding how a budget should be distributed in order to meet business goals, as well as which marketing activities provide the best ROI. Tourism destination marketing requires time and attention that most businesses don’t have as in-house resources in the first place, which is why Deep Blue Digital offers destination marketing as a dedicated marketing service.

Why destination marketing matters

Destination marketing differs from other marketing as it doesn’t rely heavily on pricing and distribution, but instead relies on word of mouth, digital communications, public relations, and offline media advertising. As resources are limited, businesses need well thought out strategies, ensuring that the best combination is chosen, which will create the best results.

Often destination marketing involves the collaboration of several stakeholders and businesses to create a supplier and partnership network. This requires a unified approach across various different brands to ensure that a consistent marketing message is communicated.

The Deep Blue Digital destination marketing approach

Deep Blue Digital uses a variety of tools and strategies in the process of its destination marketing process. We begin with identifying or segmenting a target audience (if this hasn’t been already done) which can range from corporations seeking incentive travel destinations, to millennial travelers on their gap year.

We then analyze data and undertake marketing research and analysis on competitor positioning, environments, available resources, and industry trends to determine which strategic approach to adopting and also to create a benchmark against which to measure future efforts and results.

Once the tourism destination marketing strategy is finalized, appropriate marketing activities will be selected. This can include a combination of local SEO, search engine advertising, social media adverts that identify and use appropriate hashtags and retargeting ads, content marketing that focuses on creating free resource guides and eBooks, as well as leveraging relevant online recommendations and reviews.

These marketing activities can highlight factors ranging from the types of accommodation available, to how accessible the destination is in terms of making travel arrangements, as well as tourist attractions, natural wonders, conferencing capabilities, and more.

Other services we offer

During our analysis of your business and its marketing efforts, we might recommend digital marketing services that don’t strictly fall in the realm of destination marketing. This might include making your existing websites more user friendly and responsive or even giving your brand a complete visual overhaul in terms of imagery, colors, and design.

With our assistance, you can transform your destination into one that’s in demand, and you will experience measurable results such as an increase in visitors and bookings to prove it. Aside from SEO, we also offer social media management, content marketing, and other digital marketing services across Queensland, specific to travel, tour and destination businesses.

To find out more about how we can market your destination, contact us today.