Opportunity for Abandoned Online Shopping Carts – Send Them A Mail

Most e-commerce businesses know about the incredible power email marketing offers their enterprises. Not only is it a great way to stay in direct communication with your clients, but email is also algorithm-free, which is another way of saying you won’t wake up one morning to see that the way emails are being sent has changed (looking at you, social media platforms).

If you are running an e-store, email has another great benefit for you – abandoned cart emails. If you haven’t heard of this type of email, or want to know how you can leverage them to get an extra bottom-line boost, read on!

Abandoned Cart?

On average, more than 65% of all online shopping carts are ‘abandoned’, which is to say the online shopper never completes the sale. This means that online shops and businesses that rely on e-commerce as a revenue stream are missing out on a potentially huge chunk of their sales.

Most businesses can do a lot to ensure that they don’t drive their online shoppers away, but not a lot can be done to get to those customers who have already abandoned their carts, other than sending them an abandoned cart email.

The Email Itself

What it does is in the name – an abandoned cart email is a reminder sent directly to the inbox of customers who have not completed their purchase within a certain amount of time. However, the mail should do more than remind. Here are some pointers:

Great copy
Yes, your reminder email should focus on reminding your customers, but it should do so in a way that makes it easy for your customers to understand that they are missing out.

Focus on the benefit they’re losing out on
Speaking of missing out – you can also focus on the benefits your customers are not getting by not completing their purchase. For example, tell them about the trip of a lifetime they’re not enjoying because they haven’t clicked on purchase yet.

The great thing about this type of email is that you can show your customers what products or services they are abandoning, which will synergize well if your copy is focused on telling them what benefits they are missing out on.

Add A Little Extra – If You Can
This won’t be possible for every abandoned cart on your site, but consider offering discounts for abandoned carts in the email, especially if it’s a large order, and your margins can take the hit.

Still not sure? Get in touch and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about abandoned cart emails!

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