3 Practical SEO Tips That Take Less Than 5 Minutes to Set-Up

Author Bio: Jonathan is the founder of Engine Scout, a marketing agency in Australia that specializes in search engine optimisation for Melbourne based companies. He leads the teams business development and marketing efforts.

Good SEO takes times and if you want your website appearing on the first page of Google, you need to be patient and persistent.

In this post, I’m going to share three rapid-fire SEO tips to get you climbing up the search results faster.

And the best part?

Each tip takes less than 5 minutes of your time to do and will instantly improve your sites SEO performance.

Install the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

This is a fantastic free tool for finding some great keywords and topic ideas to target for your next blog post, in fact, I used this method for an article on how to write an about page for bloggers and business owners.

You see, before writing blogs, you want to spend time researching what keywords and topics to target and make sure there’s interest from potential readers. Yes, Google’s keyword planner tool can help, but unfortunately, it lacks some vital information.

Here’s how to set up Keywords Everywhere:

Open up a Chrome browser – if you don’t have chrome then go ahead and quickly install it, here are the instructions.
Search for “keywords everywhere”, click on the Chrome Web Store Result and add the extension to your Chrome toolbar.
Type a keyword into the Google search bar and notice how the tool automatically lists a bunch of similar search terms and shows you the monthly search volume, what companies pay to rank with AdWords, and how competitive each keyword is.
You now have a great list of great topics to write about for your next blog post.

Set-up All Your Social Channels to Improve Brand Authority

Even if you’re not an active user of all the social media channels available, it’s worth your time to quickly grab all your branded social media properties and link them back to your homepage. Not only will it send Google some strong trust signals, but you’ll pick up a few excellent branded backlinks in the process.

Pro-tip: Choose 2-3 social channels that you’ll be active on and keep the accounts busy by regularly engaging with your audience.

Here’s a quick way to find all the relevant social channels and start building out your branded accounts:

Visit Knowem.com and type in your brand name.
Grab all the social channels available and write a short blurb about your business on each and drop a link back to your homepage.

Use Google Alerts and Pick Up Extra Backlinks

Backlinks are a major ranking factor for getting on the first page of Google. When someone mentions you or your brand online, it’s an excellent opportunity to build backlinks. Often, other sites talking about you or your brand won’t link to your website. Using Google Alerts, you’re able to quickly see when you’re mentioned online via an email notification and from here, you can reach out to the person talking about you and kindly ask them for a link back to your website. Google alerts is a fantastic tool for finding some great link opportunities to power up your site.

Here’s how to set-up Google Alerts:

Open your website browser and type into the search bar “Google alerts” and click on the first result. If you already have a google account, then you can sign-in and start creating alerts for your brand.
At the very least, add your name and your companies brand name as alerts. Whenever someone mentions you, Google will send you an email notification of the website that has talked about you.
Now, it’s just a matter of sending a quick email to the website owner asking to link back to your site where they mentioned your brand.

Final Word

SEO can have a dramatic effect on increasing visitors to your website, so it’s something you want to pay a lot of attention to. These three SEO tips are a great place to get started and can provide an instant boost to your sites SEO performance.

So over to you now, on your next coffee break, I challenge you to implement all three tips! Let me know how it went in the comments below.

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